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to one of the most unique tribute sites on the web!

Once upon a time, a Michael Praed fan nicknamed Danaan, known to her Real Life friends as Loralee, decided to create a website for her favorite actor with contributions from her fellow fans.  It became a fansite dedicated to the actor's
chest hair!
  The unique approach caught the attention of  fans, journalists, and the general public alike.  Photographs and artwork dedicated to the hair on Michael's chest expanded to include non chest hair images -- and fans were still contributing!  You'll find here videos, audio files and songs displaying the attributes of Michael Praed.  To handle the resulting fiction based on Michael's characters, Loralee created a Fan Fiction site as well, which also proved to be popular.  She finally got to meet her idol after seeing Michael perform in 'Contact' in 2003, shown above. 

Always encouraging and upbeat, few suspected that Loralee was battling for her life.  She died of natural causes in September of 2003.  Her websites are kept up in her honor and in tribute to the handsome,
talented man who inspired them, Michael Praed.

Michael Praed Chest Hair Moments
Michael Praed Fan Fiction